Advice and representation in corporate law

1. Starting up companies (registration and authorization of the operation)

2. Changing of the head office

3. Registration and authorization of secondary offices

4. Increasing/decreasing of the company's capital

5. Extending of the duration of the company's operations

6. Transfers of shares among parties

7. Recording of changes: type of activity, directors, shareholders, working points, branches, subsidiaries, etc.

8. Assignment (sale) of shares

9. Exclusions and retirement of associates

10. Appointments, cancellations and changes of administrators

11. Changing of the type of activity (adding, reducing, coding)

12. Changing the name of the company

13. Design and drafting of documents of incorporation, amendments, GM judgments

14. Advice and representation at the Trade Register Office and the other authorities concerning the getting of records and notices required for commercial deployment, etc.