Legal services

Giving today's economic crisis, through the Insolvency Cabinet associated with our law firm, we take care of voluntary liquidations of different types of companies and the deletion of that companies from the Register of Commerce.

We provide advice and representation in relation to areas of civil law, commercial law, administrative law, fiscal law, banking law, insurance law, labor law, bankruptcies, voluntary liquidations etc.

A brief illustration of the types of activities in the areas mentioned above :

Advice and representation in corporate law

1. Starting up companies (registration and authorization of the operation)

2. Changing of the head office

3. Registration and authorization of secondary offices

4. Increasing/decreasing of the company's capital

5. Extending of the duration of the company's operations

6. Transfers of shares among parties

7. Recording of changes: type of activity, directors, shareholders, working points, branches, subsidiaries, etc.

8. Assignment (sale) of shares

9. Exclusions and retirement of associates

10. Appointments, cancellations and changes of administrators

11. Changing of the type of activity (adding, reducing, coding)

12. Changing the name of the company

13. Design and drafting of documents of incorporation, amendments, GM judgments

14. Advice and representation at the Trade Register Office and the other authorities concerning the getting of records and notices required for commercial deployment, etc.

Advice and representation in commercial law

Recovery of claims, calls for payment, reconciling, commercial contracts (drafting, editing, certification), complex commercial and corporate transactions, conflicts between partners, shareholders and trading partners, disputes relating to breach of contractual obligations, commercial competition, the representation of clients in front of both the courts of common law and the Court of Arbitration of the International Chamber of Commerce and Industry, assistance in negotiations for the conclusion of contracts.

Advice and representation in civil law

Representation in court through civil litigation - action for the claim, actions of ascertainment, reclaming actions, inheritance and shared output of individuals, bordering actions, discharges, enforcements, land surveyorings, recording of land, expunging from the record of mortgages and other obligations, enforcement contesting etc..; contracts of sale, donation, exchange, lease, convenient, pledge, loan etc. (negotiation, drafting, editing, certification).

Enforcement through the following procedures

1. Investiture with enforcing power

2. Assistance and legal representation in the procedures of enforcement in front of executors and courts

3. Disputes and opposition to enforcements

Advice and representation in family law

1. Divorces

2. Marriage annulment

3. Partition of the common patrimony

4. Child custody

5. Legal obligations of alimony

6. Actions for the denial or establishment of paternity

7. Approval, dissolution and nullity of adoption

8. Correction, modification, supplement or annulment of civil status documents

9. Declaring disappearance, presumed death, etc.

Representation and advice in the field of labor law

1. Consultance in employment relationships

2. Disputes in relation to employment: requiring employers to sums of money withheld from wages, the damage suffered by the employee, the return of the employee to the position previously taken

3. Appeals against the decision to dismiss the employee, against other decisions of disciplinary sanctions

4. Disputes regarding the attracting of the employee's liability by the employer for breaching of confidentiality clause, for damages caused to the employer, refunds of amounts wrongly paid.