The fee represents a payment for the professional services of a lawyer.

Excerpt from the lawyer's profession statute

ART. 132

(1) For his professional work, the lawyer is entitled to attorney fees and to the covering of all expenses made in his client's interest.

(2) Fees will be determined in relation to the difficulty, volume or duration of the case.

(3) Establishment of attorney fees depends on each of the following:

a) time and amount of work required for the execution of the mandate received or activity required by the client;

b) the nature, novelty and difficulty of the case;

c) the interests involved;

d) the fact that accepting the mandate given by the client it prevents a lawyer to accept another mandate from another person, if this fact may be established by the client without further investigations

e) the notoriety, titles, length of service, experience, reputation and specialization of the lawyer;

f) cooperation with experts or other professionals required by the nature, object, complexity and difficulty of the case;

g) the benefits and results that profit the client, following the work of the lawyer;

h) the financial situation of the client;

i) the constraints of time the lawyer is bound by the circumstances of the case to act to ensure efficient legal services.


ART. 134

(1) The fees may be determined as follows:

a) hourly fees;

b) fixed fees (flat rate);

c) fees for success;

d) fees consisting of a combination of criteria in point. a), b) and c).

(2) The hourly fee is set on working time as a fixed sum of monetary units due to the lawyer for every hour of professional services that he provides to the client.

(3) The fixed fee (flat rate) consists of a fixed amount due to the lawyer for a professional service or categories of such professional services he provides to the client.

(4) The hourly and fixed fee (flat rate) is due to the lawyer regardless of the result obtained by professional services.

(5) The lawyer can receive from a regular client fees, including as flat rate.

(6) The lawyer has the right to request and receive a success fee in addition to the fixed fee, as complementary, depending on the result or service provided. In criminal cases, the success fee may be charged only in connection with the civil side of the case. The success fee consists of a fixed or variable amount set if the lawyer achieves a result. Success fee can be agreed in combination with an hourly or fixed fee.