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The lawyer's mission

In a society founded on respect for justice, the lawyer fullfils an eminent role. His mission is not limited to the faithful execution of a warrant under the law. In a state of law, the lawyer is indispensable to justice and to the individual who seeks justice and has the task of defending their rights and freedoms: he is both advisor and defender of his client.

The lawyer promotes and protects human rights and freedoms.

The lawyer is entitled to assist and represent individuals and companies before all courts, authorities and institutions and other persons who are required to enable and ensure the unhindered activity of the lawyer, as stated by the law.

Everyone has the right to freely choose their lawyer.

In the exercising of the right to defend the lawyer has the right and obligation to persist in achivieng free access to justice and a fair trial.

Misiunea avocatului

Companies monthly rates

Baloi si Baloi - Attorneys at Law offers, besides those indicated in the "Services" sections of the website, legal consulting services to companies and other types of businesses throughout the medium and long term, in a very advantageous system for you.

With rich experience in working with commercial companies, our company proposes several types of monthly plans for permanent specialized legal services. Subscriptions are adapted to your company's requirements and size: legal advice at your premises or at our office and remote legal advice (email, phone, fax, mail, etc.)

The fees will be agreed depending on the volume and complexity of legal advice provided.

Professional secrecy

By his mission's very nature, the lawyer is his client's secrets repository and the destination to the communications of a confidential nature. Where there is no guarantee of trust, the confidence can not exist. Therefore, professional secrecy is recognized as both a right and a fundamental and primary duty of the lawyer.

The lawyer must respect the secrecy of any confidential information that he learns about in the course of his business.

This obligation is not limited in time.

The lawyer requires his employees and anyone who collaborates with, in his professional activity, to respect professional secrecy.

A lawyer's work

a) juridical consultations and requests;

b) assistance and legal representation before the courts, the bodies of prosecution, the judicial authorities, the notaries public, the officers of the court, the public administration and institutions' bodies and other legal persons as stated by the law;

c) drafting of legal acts, attesting the identity of the parties, content and date of the documents submitted for authentication;

d) assistance and representation of interested natural or legal persons in front of other public authorities with the possibility of attesting the identity of the parties, the contents and the date of the completed documents;

e) the protection and representation by specific means of the legal rights and legitimate interests of individuals and legal entities in their relations with public authorities, institutions and any Romanian or foreign person or entity;

f) mediation activities;

g) Fiduciary activities consisting of warehouse receipt in the name and on behalf of the client of financial funds and assets resulting from the recovery or enforcement of executory titles at the end of the liquidation or inheritance procedures and their placement and using in the name and on behalf of the client, management activities of the funds or assets in which they were placed;

h) the establishing of a temporary headquarters for the company at the headquarters of the lawyer and the registration in the name and on behalf of the client of parts of interest, social parts or shares of this type of registered companies;

i) the activities referred to at points g) and h) may be carried out under a new contract of legal assistance;

j) any ways and means of exercising the right to defend, as stated by the law.